translated from Spanish: The impact of the discourse of Macri

then Mauricio Macri on speech at the opening of the regular sessions of the Congress, did not take long to get the criticism from opponents and praise from the mainstream. The Minister of Social development, Carolina Stanley, defined it as «brave» was «our way is more dialogue than the insult». 

The former candidate to President, Daniel Scioli, showed his main differences with the economic management rather than the presidential address. He asked «a reduction in tax, rates de-dollarization», among other proposals. Agustín Rossi, Deputy more crossed with Macri during the meeting, described it as an act of official campaign: «made Me ask what we were doing there. «The President was angry, iracible», held out of the enclosure.

#HayOtroCaminoSeñor President, that if inflation goes up, falling economic growth and hundreds of jobs are lost per day, does the Argentines that they are beginning to see improvements in the economy? -Daniel Scioli (@danielscioli) March 1, 2019 Pablo Kosiner, Salta Deputy by the Federal Peronism, was concerned «the Government assumes no problems, Argentines deserve a different alternative to move forward». Meanwhile, Victoria Donda was harder and considered that it today «the speech of a President who does not want to recognize that this is a failure». 

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