translated from Spanish: They deducted the days of unemployment Buenos Aires teachers

once more the beginning of the year school is the Government of María Eugenia Vidal and the teachers unions without agreement in the joint discussion and is for this reason that the back to school should wait , in principle, until next week. Against this background the Minister of culture and education of the province of Buenos Aires, Gabriel Sánchez Zinny, announced that “will be deducted them days” teachers that bend to the 72 hour strike announced by the unions for the 6, 7 and 8 March. The official said that, despite the measure of strength, are “all working so that school buildings are open March 6 since 1.700.000 boys eat in schools and gardens” of the province. 
“We say to teachers that we continue discussing and talking about salary, learning, dropout, but not remove opportunities the guys prepare and educate yourself to go to school,” said the Minister and added that they are looking for approaching “the stance of the guilds”.

According to Sanchez Zinny, proposed trade union representatives “an offer surpassing the previous” to maintain the dialogue with a view to that classes begin next Wednesday. He recalled that the Buenos Aires Government made a first offer “5% rearrangement and an increase in all basic wages of day”in December, which was accepted by all of the non-teaching guilds of the province”, while the proposal of last week included simple”.” We will continue talking,”promised the Minister and regretted that”for decades”is does not comply with the school calendar. In this note:

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