translated from Spanish: Achieve substantive equality priority in Congress: Lucila Martinez achieve equal substantive priority in Congress: Lucila Martínez

-Morelia, Michoacan.-to close ranks to achieve substantive equality and to ensure the full recognition and respect for the rights of women, called the Deputy President of the Commission for gender equality, Lucila Martínez Manríquez, in the framework of the opening of the discussion group women in Plural, which was held in the birthplace of Morelos in Morelia.
In the event that counted with the participation of women representatives of the various political institutes and social sectors, as well as the presence of the Presidents of the table directive of the State Congress, Antonio Salas and the Electoral Court of the State of Michoacan, Omero Valdovinos market, stated that within the framework of the international women’s day is that these events, which is confirmed the commitment of the legislative push legislative proposals that will contribute to the eradication of violence is against the women and fight because substantive equality to be effective.
He stressed that through the talks seeks to generate a unique legislative agenda, with a gender perspective, to achieve substantive equality, and contribute to reduce the gaps that generate inequality, with the sole purpose of making effective and effective respect and the protection of the human rights of all.
The Committee on gender equality at the local legislature LXXIV, he stressed, major efforts to promote equality, as well as ensuring equity, and well-being of women from the law are made.
Lucila Martínez stressed that «must continue fighting by guaranteeing the rights of all and to achieve substantive equality, but to achieve progress requires a joint effort between all the powers and social sectors».
«Today I am pleased to be gathered and the assistance of all the representatives of women from different political parties, as well as the presence of fellow members and promoters of human rights and drive for development, thanks to all for» be here, and for your interest in contributing to inequality gaps to close down more and more, to achieve the common good.»
He called to work from all the trenches and no colours or partisan lines, that through the mutual and coordinated support is as great goals are accomplished to achieve substantive equality, so that women and men have guaranteed their rights and achieve a country free of gender-based violence.
«The role of women has been changed, the opportunities and the full recognition of their rights little by little has been gaining ground;»  for the fight in the past and the present, and an egalitarian future, we should move forward, in order to build a better society, more sensitive, aware and respectful of human rights. «It is essential to recognize and highlight the woman, who had a valuable participation in the different areas of our society».
«Here today all unites us the same aim, influencing the process of a change of mentality to achieve substantive equality», by which emphasized that each of the proposals made in the framework of the discussion group will be included in the legislative agenda that drives the Commission that he presides over the local legislature LXXIV.
Finally Lucila Martínez mentioned that each proposal presented at this event, as in the rest of the discussions that will take place in the course of this month to the interior of the State, will be included in proposals that present as Commission to the plenary of the Congress, in which the voices of all are captured.

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