translated from Spanish: #CambiaLaHistoria, the campaign promoted by Chicharito and Yalitza

domestic workers to the seed fund organization launched this Tuesday the campaign #CambiaLaHistoria, through which hope to raise 250 thousand dollars that will help direct to the Network of women employees of the home of Guerrero, which receives, helps and empowers domestic workers on their labour rights.
The campaign will be from 5 to 8 March and consists of the auction of four shirts of West Ham United, signed by footballer Javier Hernández and the protagonist of the film Rome, Yalitza Aparicio, in addition to voluntary donations open to the public in general.

Start already! From 11 am to 11:59 pm begins the 1st auction of the shirt of the @WestHamUtd signed by Chicharito @CH14_ and @YalitzaAparicio. Funds will go in support to the network of women employees of warrior’s home. #CambiaLaHistoria
get your offer here ?: – seed Fund (@FondoSemillas) March 5, 2019 in interview for Animal politician Laura García, Executive Director of the Fund Seeds, explained that it was decided to support the network of women employees of the home of Guerrero, based in Chilpancingo, given that it is an organization that has spent several years working in favour of the labour sector, with very few resources and projection media.
Read: Rome and more treatment just for home workers «we have been collaborating with them, as well as with other organizations in Chiapas, city of Mexico and Tijuana for several years, but there is very little visibility on the issue, and much more for the activists and organizations «that drives it from places that are not the capital of the country, (so) we have to encourage organizations of the States, who rarely have the opportunity to receive support and appearing in the media to let people know them», adds Laura.
The network of women employees of the home of Guerrero has a solidarity House in Chilpancingo, which helps women who come from the sierra and municipalities such as Tlapa, Chilapa, Tixtla and Apango in looking for a job as domestic workers.
On average, in this House will cater to 658 workers, which is offered shelter and food for several days until they get a job with decent conditions.
This is to prevent that, women who come from their communities, accept low wages or work without economic compensation in Exchange for food and a bed to sleep.
According to Inegi figures, in Mexico there are 2.4 million people engaged in remunerated home work, 91% are women, of which the 87.7% do not have any type of delivery – bonus, paid vacation or medical insurance. In much than the 62.8% received wages so low that it does not reach them to acquire goods and services required to meet their basic needs.
According to the international organization of Labour Organization (ILO), Mexico is the Latin American country with the worst rate of employment formalization of paid home workers.
Read: IMSS announces pilot program to give social security and benefits to workers of the home against this background, seed fund assumes the role of financing for organizations dedicated to helping women workers of the home through financial support of between 200 to 350 thousand pesos, which is distributed over a period of 18 months.
With these resources, organizations can make strategies for the beneficiaries.
«The calculation of the 250 thousand pesos we intend to gather for warrior women is made based on this aid we deliver to organizations, we also put another amount to gradually visit the project and monitor that resources are using, also we offer training and advice to improve their strategies», says Laura.
the effect of Rome to make visible the topic
impulse and campaign organization #CambiaLaHistoria is made in coordination with the team from the Rome movie, directed by Mexican Alfonso Cuarón.
«Rome helped to open spaces of debate and put the issue in the media (…) This added to other situations such as the decision of the Supreme Court on offer decent working conditions at home and push workers organizations and social movements «, says Laura García.

Thanks to @WestHamUtd and @CH14_ for joining the #ROMATÓN by donating these t-shirts that will help raise funds for @UnTrabajoDigno and @FondoSemillas. #RomaNosUne – Yalitza Aparicio Martínez (@YalitzaAparicio) March 1, 2019 indicates that if well Rome contributed greatly to the employment situation of women workers in the home, must also assess the effort that for years have made organizations and human rights defenders to achieve better working conditions for This sector.
«We are grateful with Cuaron and his team for the support that they have given to visualize this situation topic, but it should be noted that the fact that we talk about the subject does not mean that there is an advance, makes missing that we promote more campaigns like this and that this is tra» Insert in direct benefits for women workers (…) is not only that people know the topic but to guarantee their rights with a decent and formal work», adds the Director of seed fund.
The participation of Javier Hernández for the auction of the t-shirts came through the team of Rome, which contacted the player, as well as to the leadership of the team where plays, the West Ham United. To learn about the campaign forward volunteered to sign four t-shirts so they were auctioned.
In addition to the campaign #CambiaLaHistoria, seed fund has planned more activities with the Rome team as community screenings of the film, to give wider dissemination to the issue.
From Tuesday until next Thursday will be auctioned the four t-shirts signed by Javier Hernández and Yalitza Aparicio. The starting price of the clothes will be 8 thousand pesos.
All information on the #CambiaLaHistoria campaign as well as the auction is in: people who are not interested in participating in the auction may donate directly to the campaign at:

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