translated from Spanish: Councillors will lead again to Cathy Barriga to Comptroller by use of his personal image

Councillors in the municipality of Maipú agreed to bring back to Mayor Cathy belly to the Comptroller’s Office, this time, by the use of his image in school folders.
According to the second confirmed, who will make the presentation include Ariel Ramos (PC) and Gonzalo Ponce (ecologist Green Party) Councillors.
“Besides this item in the folder, we have several other requirements rather than lead to Comptroller in the coming days, having to do with things that occurred during January and February, as the giant poster with his picture on the municipal food farm”, held Ramos. 
This is not the first time that belly is carried to the Comptroller by the use of his personal image. It is worth to remember that June 21, 2018, the oversight agency issued an opinion in which ordered to stop the use of the Mayor in the municipality of Maipú graphics.
In this regard, Deputy of democratic revolution (RD), Pablo Vidal, said that “the concern we have is that despite the rulings and penalties imposed by Comptroller, Mayor of Maipú insists on misuse of public resources, exacerbating the use of their personal image”.

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