translated from Spanish: Know what holds you your horoscope today 06 of March

a new love, work, money or negative things, this is what has your horoscope for today. Love: Everyone a second chance. Don’t most look back. Work: More responsibility. It is time that you mature and you realize the value that has a job. Love: Advice from an old friend about love today come to your mind. Work: Your colleagues are very reliable.
today Queen the good energy and communication so sign important things. Love: You made a very pathetic scene of jealousy and now your partner is angry with you. Work: Make sure you save as much as you can at this time. They come hard times and be prepared. Love: It will be by a very strong stage transitions where should face adversities with much effort. Job: Leave to help you when you not only can. Love: Despite the end bit happy about your last relationship, you know that change always brings something better. Work: Advice on your work you people are not as superfluous as you think. Love: You are going through a difficult period at the sentimental level, you have many wounds to heal. Work: You’re being too generous, and take advantage of you.

Know your horoscope in this half of week love: you can not pretend to be all day with your partner. Work: opening. You think that you can work on your own but you must also learn to accept other opinions. Love: it bothers you that your partner is pushing too in your affairs. Work: Today is a big day for teachers, musicians, writers and people who work with the Visual Arts. Love: The universe gives you the possibility to feel beautiful again. You’ll be in a very good mood. Work: Cause your other mates is not a good option. Autocontrol.Amor: The healthiest thing you can do is start making this crude reality that touches your life. Work: You’ll pass a series of tests and nothing easy challenges but the cosmos gives you the energy you need. Love: Today is a special day. Fired from your partner for a long time. You’ll miss it. Paciencia.Trabajo: Professionally, you are a very successful person. Love: Your sign is in the orbit of mercury, today. Work: Also at this level you need to be more patient. You find it hard to meet people with whom you don’t agree.

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