translated from Spanish: 7 arrested in Gunajuato, including added the financial operator of the mallet

until this Wednesday morning added seven people arrested as a result of the operation to search for José Antonio Yépez Ortiz, «the hammer», identified as the leader of the cartel de Santa Rosa de Lima, in Guanajuato.
The last three detainees are: Angelica «n», who was the alleged financial operator of the criminal group; Javier n, I spouse of Angelica and element active the Federal Police, and Mariela n, who was apparently responsible for organizing the blockades in Santa Rosa de Lima, community of Villagrán and state highways to prevent the passage of the authorities.
Read: Search for alleged criminal leader unleashes blockades and burning of cars in Guanajuato in interview with Radio Formula, Sophía Huett, Commissioner of the unit of analysis for the citizen security of Guanajuato, he explained that in addition to these three latest arrests «people keys» of the criminal organization, were recovered several luxury with reports of stolen cars. Among these units found a pickup truck that would have been used in an armed attack recorded on February 5, in the municipality of Valle de Santiago, where 5 people were killed.
The Commissioner reported that following the arrest found that Angelica «n» is a sister-in-law of Yépez Ortiz and confirmed that his spouse, Javier «n», is member active of the Federal forces of the Federal Police (PF) Division.
On the operation carried out since last Monday in the community of Santa Rosa de Lima and surrounding area said they have found various systems used by the inhabitants themselves, to maintain territorial control of the area, between these schemes, he added, is It is a network of tunnels whose operation will be explained as research.
As for the blocking of roads and highways that connect with other municipalities, Sophía Huett said occurring at strategic points and that they do not affect the economy or tourism in the State.
«The fact that these locks are taken at key points on Villagran or state roads that communicate with other communities as Comonfort, make us think that José Antonio Yépez is still in the community», said the Commissioner.
Since last Monday, several roads in Guanajuato have been blocked with burned vehicles, due to which the Navy and the police Federal and State maintain an operation in Santa Rosa de Lima, to give the whereabouts of José Antonio Yépez.
Some of the roads affected by the blockades are: Celaya-Juventino Rosas; Celaya-Comonfort; Celaya-San Miguel de Allende and access to Santa Rosa de Lima.
In addition to those arrested, federal and State police have secured various weapons and rescued at least 6 persons who had been deprived of their freedom in Santa Rosa de Lima.
They attack public prosecutor in Irapuato in addition facilities to the facts in Villagran, during Wednesday morning a group of armed men fired at the facilities of the Regional Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic (FGR) in the town of Irapuato.
According to the portal zone attack was reported to 911 around 6 o’clock in the morning. In addition to the damage to the fence of the Prosecutor’s Office, a white van parked at the site presents several bullet impacts.
So far, no reported injured or arrested persons. State authorities protect the area and reported the discovery of 21 caps struck with Radio Formula and zone information. 
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