translated from Spanish: Census stopped publication of call for NGO

the National Center for the prevention and Control of HIV/AIDS (Censida) stopped the publication of the call for the delivery of subsidies of 2019 of Civil society organizations (CSOs) dedicated to the Prevention and diagnosis of HIV AIDS. 
The Ministry of health informed Animal politician that the census was studying the scope of the Circular 1, issued by the Government of Mexico, which establishes that public resources to civil society organizations would not be transferred.
Since last week several civil society organizations engaged in the prevention and diagnosis of HIV AIDS reported a delay in the publication of the call for the delivery of subsidies of 2019. 
Each year, in February, the Census publishes the call, the results are given in March and resources begin to be exercised from 1 May.
The Censida should publish the call on February 18.
The same day, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced that resources would not be transferred to social organizations, but that direct aid would deliver to the beneficiaries, given that, in past administrations, offices were created to simulate the attention to vulnerable groups, for the benefit of few people and with much administrative expenditure.
Lee: Federal Government left without public funds to shelters for women victims of violence in an interview, Martín Luna, director of Cappsida, one of the 218 organizations that expect the call, says that the delay of the publication and the possible non-delivery of resources is a very worrying issue.
“It’s a cancellation that will affect approximately 100 that were possible thanks to this grant year and projects that focus on prevention; diagnosis early and timely; attention; accompaniment, and channeling people to Government of comprehensive care of drug programs,”adds.
Martin explained that the role of organizations is complementary to that offer public health units, so the delivery of this subsidy is necessary so that people living with HIV AIDS have access to comprehensive and dignified care.
“Since 2006 – when you started this program – until 2018, the Government has granted a total of 777 million 129 thousand 511 pesos, which have been used for the entire population with HIV AIDS which has approached organizations: men, sex workers, and even people who” they are deprived of their liberty”, adds Martin.
Read also: is discriminatory that the IMSS requires tests of HIV as a requirement to hire doctors: cut according to figures from the Ministry of finance and public credit, by 2018 the Census received a budget for CSOs 109 mil 410 million 897 pesos they were among some 100 organizations.
This year, the approved budget was around 110 million pesos.   
“With this budget were achieved between 100 and 120 annual projects, on average each organization that accessed the subsidy through the call used from 750 to 80 pesos per project”, says the director of Cappsida.
The projects undertaken by the organizations, mainly were actions of prevention, brigades of information in public squares and meeting centres, such as gay clubs testing.
While medical care and antiretroviral treatments are the responsibility of the ambulatory Center for the prevention and care of AIDS and infections from Sexual transmission (CAPASITS).
Martín Luna argues that federal and local health units do not have the capacity to perform these actions, since organizations such as Cappsida to serve between 15 and 18 thousand people a year.
In addition, he says, that the Government has never found irregularities in the management of resources, and so this may be an argument to cancel the delivery of the subsidy.
In Mexico, there are approximately 350 organizations dedicated to this purpose.
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the OSC approach point with patients
Ricardo Baruch, specialist in public health and human rights, highlights the confidence that It has the population in organizations “as the transwomen who do not attend a government clinic for not to be discriminated against and are approaching these to receive protection methods, prevention and testing.” Subsequently, if necessary, they are channeled to the CAPASITS where they receive better care knowing that come from organizations”.   
For his part, Alejandro Brito, director of the civil association, letter S, AIDS, culture and everyday life, explained that all detections of HIV in the country, around 15% civil organizations, perform them however, if the subsidy is suspended , at least 30 centers not to be able to function optimally.
These centres are located in the main cities of the country and city of Mexico, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Monterrey and San Luis Potosí, in almost all States, where there is no, said, are the ones with the highest prevalence of HIV.
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Brito said that “not sees the institutions of Government health staff going to the stables” (places where drug is consumed)”Tijuana or Ciudad Juárez to provide condoms, disposable syringes, applied testing and give them treatment, they do this the” “civil society organizations and do very well”.
Last Friday, the 218 organizations that have protested the non-publication of the call, issued a manifesto addressed to the Government of Mexico, with 20 points where their demands.
“In two months and 18 days the current Mexican Government, has identified, fully, a dozen organizations that have missed their mission and institutional vision. We asked that no it disqualify the whole of CSOs that work honestly and decisively by placing them on the same level as political associations of notorious bad name public and political,”the manifesto reads.
Among presented demands the immediate publication of the call is for access to subsidies and not generalizing about what “All CSOs are corrupt” because this argument is is “inaccurate, inappropriate and is a huge disrespect to the” citizenship that was organized for the benefit of their peers”.
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