translated from Spanish: For personal reasons, Eduardo Tena has refused loans to 400 unionized of the SUEUM

Morelia, Michoacan.-a personal problem between Eduardo Tena flowers, hegemonic leader of the single trade union of employees of the Universidad Michoacana, and his former partner and President of the credit box mentioned trade union, Leticia Aguilera Villanueva, is the reason why trade unionist leader has refused loans 400 unionized workers, with a value of 18 million pesos approximately.
In an interview, the retired House delegate also confessed that from a personal problem which ended in a legal mess that currently maintain both been edging to Lalo Tena to not sign the loan or if necessary receipts, sign under protest and give indication It is the own rectory of the Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo and his Treasury not to deliver resources to the credit box, since November.
“It’s not fair that to colleagues who have already a discount, not it can deliver a loan. Checks are ready but by Tena have not delivered, and the Chancellor and the Treasurer are accomplices.”
Aguilera Villanueva explained that she remain in the position as President of the credit box for 16 years and this is the first time that occur that kind of conflicts, therefore reiterated that the Tena flowers are completely personal.
Meanwhile the rectory “washing hands” to claim that it is a Trade Union issue, but say the delegate, sole responsibility is Eduardo Tena.
Finally pointed out to his former spouse use the SUEUM law firm to meet personal legal problems between the two, in addition to attacking the workers themselves, to occur in the home of the retired and harassing trade unionists with expletives .

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