translated from Spanish: Government: «We hope that the Pope is the best person to take responsibility as Archbishop of Santiago»

the Minister Cecilia Perez referred to allegations of abuse by the priest Tito Rivera in the Cathedral M etropolitana, fact that is being investigated by the Regional Public Prosecutor of Rancagua. In addition, spokeswoman called for renewed leadership of the Chilean Catholic Church.
Minister spokesperson for Government, Cecilia Pérez, called renew leadership within the Catholic Church, and condemned the facts relating to the accusation against the priest Tito Rivera, that explores the prosecution as part of a cover-up of sexual abuse cases in the religious institution.
Perez said that the facts are «very serious and unacceptable» and said that «as a Government we have a message loud and clear: truth and justice.» We have said, the institution that is independent».
«This case must be investigated and must be justice, fall quien caiga», stressed the Secretary of State, on the case of the priest who is accused of rape to the interior of the Metropolitan Cathedral and where the complainant, also said that it was reported of the situation to the Cardinal and Archbishop of Santiago, Ricardo Ezzati.
The spokesman for La Moneda also condemned «the serious damage that have made you members of the Catholic curia to the institution itself. They not only violate the own faith between a priest and a parishioner, but will continue destroying the institution.»
The Minister asked the Church collaborate with justice and provide all the information that this case has. «We hope I did justice and those responsible to pay their actions with sentences corresponding» said.
The Minister Secretary General of Government also called for renewed leadership of the Church and pointed out that «President Piñera met with the Pope in Rome, and Government hope that dad Francisco find the best person to take responsibility as a Archbishop of Santiago».

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