translated from Spanish: Mauro Szeta on his grandson: “today is Luca but cases are thousands”

today is March 6 and boys and girls enjoyed the thrill of starting the first day of classes. However, they refused to Luca that opportunity. The College which guaranteed him the vacant, informed a week earlier will not accept a child in its institution. the reason? As they argued, from the school child attended to complete his period of garden was sent to the institution a statement which described it as “an aggressive guy”.
“Today it is Luca but cases are thousands,” says journalist Mauro Szeta to Filo.News, who talks about what happened in the first person: refused the vacancy to the son of Camilla (daughter of his partner).
“I discovered that there is an entire system inoperative mostly in private schools to integrate and include the kids with some sort of conduct disorder,” says the journalist. 

The case goes back weeks ago. Luca suffered from ASD (autism spectrum disorder), which has a therapeutic companion, and stimulates it is constantly. Last year, the small attended a private school, where he completed his garden. There the family recorded a first illegal measure: the institution slashed you hours, four and a half hours to two.
“Grandparents support it, do what it takes to improve their quality of life and to be integrated socially, despite the difficulty that,” mentions Szeta. 

Before first grade, the child is presented in a consultation specialists, who told the family that he had changed the diagnosis. “It is very common that occurs in childhood,” them soothing. Instead of TEA, they told him that Luca suffers from Asperger’s syndrome.” In this context they told us that the situation there was not continued in the school where he had made room for five, because we also told him that they had restricted her schedule, and then realized that it was illegal,”recalled journalist.

Luca | Photo: Instagram began @mauro.szeta in this sense. Within days of starting the cycle of elective, family arose in a school located in the area of Palermo to sign the small. “They told us that Yes, there were vacancies.” We were in limbo where not answered or returned us to call so we abonemos the quota”, has Szeta.En the context of humiliation. Camila, Luca’s mother, began to be called. Someone replied in a bad way. He said that at the end it was not the vacancy. “We got the diagnosis of previous school that says that it is an aggressive guy”, argued it. The mother of the child responded indignantly. “How can based on what it says an enviardo role for an institution, precisely, cuestionanda by the destrato?” We had the start of school over and not had a vacancy in any side. There blew up”, recognizes the journalist, who began to publish a series of tweets as a disclaimer and to raise the complaint.
“I realized that there were thousands of people who are going through the same thing. I found that it was good to make it a little more and not only concentrate on my grandson but on all those who go through the same”, he said.

After this, dozens of users contacted him. “They approached me countless cases. It is not symbolic. From people wanting me to help, until witnesses or people who passed and pass through that situation. “People who proposed me schools for send them
there is a widespread misconception that there are no openings in the public school, when in private is all business”, assures. From the institution they are unaware it is of the family of the journalist. After the coverage media and dissemination of the case, did not return to contact since they do not relate the kinship. “Mauro Szeta does not intend that know, nor appoint institutions:” I think that mentioning the names I estigmatizo the guys that going to that school, I put them in the eyes of the world and I don’t want “.” I have lay in resolving power. “Surely I hope, make it soon and yes it seems to me that we must engage”, wants the journalist, who closed: “I want to give you the news: ‘fat stand up we are going to school'”.

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