translated from Spanish: NHDR questioned protocols secrets of police use of force

the National Institute of human rights (NHRIS) pointed out that it will tell you to the Inter-American Commission on human rights (IACHR) on the eventual non-compliance of the Government on the drafting of protocols for the use of the police force, in which he was not included. According to what was reported by La Tercera, the NHDR, Consuelo Contreras, Director said that the Agency was excluded from the process and that only they participated in a briefing, which is ruled out by the Executive. All this when he was running the investigation Commission for the death of the mapuche community member Camilo CatrillancaMás than their exclusion in the drafting of protocols, the NHDR inform the Agency International that the new police decree would leave a ample space to the interpretation, not preventing the disproportionate use of force by police, as that caused, among other cases, the death of Catrillanca last November. Meanwhile the Ministry of the Interior said that they were collected at least 50 proposals made by the NHDRS. Further questioning of the body that watches over human rights is that within the new decree establish ten secret protocols for the use of force that didn’t exist before. Concerning Contreras said that it is necessary that the use of force by the police is regulated by law and that it depends directly on the civil power. In that line said that «this Protocol gives to police an autonomy which does not prevent that they keep producing (cases) as the young Camilo Catrillanca or Tania Cortés, who died by accidental firing by police in Andacollo». It is relevant to point out that after the killing of the young mapuche Alex Lemún, the year 2002, the Chilean Government signed an agreement with the IACHR, in which it ruled the preparation of protocols on the maintenance of public order and use of force, which should be pa rticipar actively NHDR. The same agreement provided that the State should «review and update the existing protocols relating to the use of the use of force for the maintenance of public order, as well as establish mechanism for Carabineros de Chile report annually to the» «Ministry of the Interior and public security, statistics relating to the use of force and violent episodes». Something that according to NHDR has not successfully completed.

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