translated from Spanish: Prosecution of Puebla reveals video prior to take-off the helicopter from Martha Erika and Moreno Valley

photo / Internet Mexico.-a new contradiction involves the case of the death of the Moreno Valley – Alonso in Puebla, as in the video revealed this Tuesday by the Fi local Scalia, evidence that the couple arrived to the House of the parents of José Chedraui 15:03 hours, although communication with the pilots was lost 14:39 hours, as reported previously by the Secretariat of communications and transport (SCT).
The recording lasts little more than one minute, only shows the arrival of a truck Suburban grey to the residence of the former local PRI Deputy, located on the side of the Boulevard Hermanos Serdán, in the colonia Villa Lodge at 15:03 hours of December 24, the 201 8 and ends when you park the unit.
In this video, delivered by the entrepreneur, the authorities a day after the death of the Pan, is also not observed when they descended from the unit, but according to the federal authorities, it was from this point where the Agusta helicopter which took off they traveled to the city of Mexico, whose crash of the aircraft it is presumed before 14:39 hours.
I.e. the Chedraui House cameras captured the truck that became the Governor Martha Erika Alonso and his spouse Senator Rafael Moreno Valle, half an hour after the time reported that, supposedly, fell the helicopter in an area of Coronango.

Video / General Public Prosecutor of the State of Puebla / Facebook Director of the research unit of the General Prosecutor’s Office of the State, Odette flowers Ventura did not explain more when displaying this recording, in response to the request made by the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador in which would be given to know the video.
Only on February 28, the Undersecretary Carlos Morán Moguel said that communication between the pilots control tower was lost 14:39 hours and that at 14:39 declared emergency to search the aircraft.
In addition, in the recording that the Secretariat of communications and transport (SCT) spread evidence that pilot lied when reporting place of departure of the helicopter which killed the Pan Rafael Moreno Valle and Martha Erika Alonso, because he said that it was in the triangle of Las Animas when in fact took place in the House of the PRI José Chedraui.
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