translated from Spanish: The Quartet is in mourning: who was Carlitos “pueblo” Rolán

Eduardo López, better known as Carlitos “pueblo” Rolán was a mythical character of the Quartet and one of the most beloved by the cordoban people. 79-year-old musician died in sanatorium Allende of the Cerro de las Rosas and Filo.News remember it with a brief profile.

His professional career in cuartetero gave hand of Quartet Leo, group that joined his young 24 years (in 1965) and that “it was fogueando as an artist”, reported in a interview given to the newspaper La Voz.En 1971 would abandon the group for lan yourself as a soloist the following year: as such, it would get gold discs and would edit his biggest success, “that dead not it charge I (Don Goyo)”. 

During his career, he recorded more than 100 albums and was honored for more than 60 years on the stage. It was one of the pioneers in modernizing the sound of the Quartet and to add piano and electric bass to the Orchestra, as well as a 200 Watt amplifier. His farewell was December 1, 2018 at Villa retreat, where put end to a career full of accomplishments, tributes and, of course, much dancing. He also briefly held a position in one of the centers of community participation of Cordoba (the Monseñor Pablo Cabrera) which he described as “a challenge that wanted to have”. “I wanted to give something back to the people, provide a service, show that there was no need to put the hand in the Tin,” he added in dialogue to the mentioned newspaper.

President Mauricio Macri remembered him in his Twitter Rolán died on the morning of Wednesday, March 6, after being transferred to the Cordoba Health Center for a kidney problem. However, we prefer to remember it with a phrase that spoke to the radio program “The morning of lemon”: “the Quartet carry it in my heart. If birth 20 times, would choose it 20 times over”, Carlitos”pueblo”Rolán

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