translated from Spanish: The video of the last moments of Martha Érika Alonso and his spouse

city of Mexico.-in a video that was presented by the General Prosecutor’s Office of Puebla was the last moments of his spouse, and Martha Érika Alonso Rafael Moreno Valle. Prosecutors gave no explanation and showed the recording to, say, portrays the last moments of life of the former Governor and former Senator Rafael Moreno Valle. The State institution showed the recording after the statement from the Secretariat of communications and transport (SCT) that the helicopter where he was injured the pan left the House of businessman and former local Deputy, José Chedraui.  In the images that the same employer provided, there is a Suburban type truck entered the home of the Avenida Hermanos Serdán 236, Colonia Villa Posadas, and minutes then left. Subsequently, the same vehicle is on par of the entrance of the property, while the shadow of a helicopter passes over where were the politicians of December 24, 2018. None of the moments that revealed themselves observed the couple of pan or the entrepreneur Chedraui. Odette Alejandra Flores Ventura, Director General of coordination of units of specialized research, not clarified why is markup that the events occurred at 15:03 hours, when it is officially stated that the crash occurred nearly an hour before.
 According to reports of the SCT, the aircraft, which also killed two pilots and a collaborator panista, fell in unusual way in the fields of Santa María Coronango.

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