translated from Spanish: AMLO denounces «swindle» on purchase of rancho in Mazatlan, Sinaloa Sinaloa

-during his morning Conference, Andrés Manuel López Obrador said that in Mazatlan, Sinaloa, detected a swindle in the purchase of a ranch. As mentioned by the President of Mexico, it is the Center tourist island spirit, which could be placed in limits of Sinaloa Nayarit.lopez Obrador said that during the Government of Felipe Calderón, the Fonatur made the purchase of the ranch of a former Governor of Sinaloa, which has already died. However, the purchase of the ranch was far from its supposed purpose, which was to invest in tourist attractions for Sinaloa.ademas of the purchase of the ranch that had a cost of 120 million dollars, the President of the Republic, said that it was also used investment to this land which is currently completely abandonadoPor, possibly placing questions or receiving proposals for deciding the future of the property.

Critical purchase this ranch in Mazatlan, and pointed out that if be had wanted to invest and promote the rental in that port, ideally, any project which is located between the city and the airport. Project which could be made as if Lopez Obrador get resources for this «new Mazatlan». Ultimately, he pointed out that the ranch was not bought with the intention of promoting tourism, but if with the view of profits that could result from purchase and investment at the ranch, which takes place in other parts of Mexico.

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