translated from Spanish: Congress working by egalitarian, expeditious and effective justice: Antonio Salas

Morelia, Michoacan.-having a country where justice is egalitarian, expeditiously and effectively, with courts that protect and defend to the aggrieved; but also to punish who violates laws, just so José María Morelos ideal will be realized and Pavon who had to Institute the Supreme Tribunal of Justice of Ario de Rosales, said Deputy Antonio Salas, President of the directive Board of the Congress of the State.
The event on the CCIV anniversary of the installation of the first Supreme Court of Justice for the liberty of Mexican America was attended by the deputies Fermín Bernabe, President of the Board of political coordination of the Congress of the State; Javier Estrada, Brenda Fraga, Eduardo Orihuela, Javier Paredes, Araceli Saucedo and Ernesto Núñez, Coordinator of the parliamentary groups of Morena, PAN, PT, PRI, parliamentary representation, PRD and PVEM, respectively, the Deputy District of Tacambaro, Oscar Escobar.
Also present were the deputies Baltazar Gaona, Salvador Arvizu, Francisco Cedillo, Teresa López, Wilma Zavala, Zenaida Salvador, Lucila Martínez, Cristina Portillo, Antonio Madriz, Arturo Hernández, Humberto González, Gabriela Ceballos, Yarabi Avila, Omar Carreón, Marco Polo, Osiel Equihua, Sandra Luz Valencia, María de el Refugio Cabrera, Octavio Ocampo, and Hugo Anaya.
In this context, Valencia rooms highlighted that one of the priority themes in the local Congress is the protection of the rights of citizens; for this reason, the legislature LXXIV works to strengthen the normative framework of the entity, such is the case of the newly enacted law organic of the General’s Attorney, which shall regulate the functioning and powers of the authority.
He stressed is transition to a new system of administration of justice no doubt will ensure the well-being of the Michoacan, so that everyone, without discrimination, access to justice and security.
Also pointed out that with the purpose of improving the procurement and delivery of Justice, have been renovated and created laws that help citizens, for which the local Congress approved reforms to the Federal Constitution politics in terms of extinction of domain, to through which empowers the State to proceed on the assets of illicit origin, as well as concealment, crimes committed by public servants, health crime, offences in the field of hydrocarbons, petroleum and petrochemicals.
Valencia rooms reiterated the commitment of the legislative branch to continue strengthening the normative framework of the entity, and called on federal authorities, State and municipal to regain the ideological legacy and morale of Don José María Morelos, Andres Quintana Roo and Ignacio López Rayón, that motivated them in 1815 to create the Supreme Court of Justice, under the premise of «that anyone who complains with justice, have a court that hears it, protect it and defend him against the arbitrary».

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