translated from Spanish: Death of Mike Grose, original bassist of the band Queen

England.-the morning on Wednesday, Roger Taylor, drummer for the iconic band Queen, told the world that Mike Grose, first bassist the band Queen, died. The musician sent an emotional message in your account Instagram.Taylor, drummer of the legendary British band, wrote in his Twitter account about the death of bassist: «it is very sad to hear (what happened) about my old friend Mike Grose, who I first heard u» na band called The Individuals, when both were still in school. Always sounded great. RIP». The publication of Roger Taylor caused amazement among the followers of the band and they expressed regret with the following messages: «It’s a great loss», «what sad news», «I hope that God has you in his glory».
Mike Grose was the first bassist of Queen and they played together for the first concerts of the band. The Group was looking for ‘stability’ musical and training passed through dozens of bass players until it became John Deacon.Siendo idea of Roger Taylor, Grose played bass in the first three concerts of Queen, the first on 27 June 1970 , with Freddy Mercury as vocalist, Brian May on guitar and Taylor in the percussions.
Grose had already formed part of the band The Reaction as a guitarist and was co-owner of the PJ’s, habitual meeting place of his original group with the then called Smile, which then changed its name to Queen and to which supported with your bass in some of his first prese ntaciones.

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