translated from Spanish: Doodle today, remembers the 97 years of Russian mathematics Olga Ladyzhenskaya

photos / Internet world-the Doodle this day recalls the 97 anniversary of Russian mathematics Olga Ladyzhenskaya, woman who triumphed over personal tragedy to become a d (e) the most influential thinkers of his generation.
Through his blog, tech company mentions that Olga was born in the rural town of Kologriv, a day like today, but in 1922, where he studied algebra inspired by his father, a mathematician descendant of Russian nobility.
The firm mentions that Olga Ladyzhenskaya was only 15 years old when his father was imprisoned and executed by the Soviet authorities, which accused it of being an «enemy of the State».
So, despite graduating from high school with excellent grades, later refused him admission to Leningrad State University due to his surname.
After several years of teaching math to high school students, Ladyzhenskaya finally had the opportunity to attend the Moscow State University, where he studied with the renowned mathematician Ivan Petrovsky.

In that institution, he obtained his doctorate and then directed the laboratory of mathematical physics at the Steklov mathematical Institute; later, he chose to remain in Russia, despite the collapse of the Soviet Union and the economic pressures that followed.
Author of more than 250 articles, methods of Ladyzhenskaya to solve partial differential equations continue to be deeply influential.
He was also a member of the St. Petersburg Mathematical Society since 1959, became its President in 1990, and beyond mathematics, was also a lover of nature and the arts.
Recognized by numerous international institutions, she was awarded the Lomonosov gold medal by the Academy of Sciences of Russia in 2002, for his impressive contributions to the world of mathematics.
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