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would be a real shame that this year is not made the motorcycle week, an event that projected to Mazatlan – in a niche very specific-national and even internationally, and also represents an important economic impact. The interests of two groups seeking to become property of the feast are by now being the brake of the bike week start “to roll” on what the Organization refers, and the clock is ticking against. It is true that events like this are not perfect. They are many complaints concerning the same have been pointed out over the years, but the balance has always been more positive. For this reason, allow you to organize, is very bad for the city. Comment that it is organizing in the background, but that publicly it seeks that both groups fighting in court for the registration of the event to agree to take it forward. Hopefully this should be quick and sent signals of certainty for sponsors and participants. Mazatlan has many months with low occupancy levels, which, with activities such as bike week, Carnival, Easter or summer holidays, improve the local economy. Need more events of all kinds, and especially in the periods of “lean”. The week of the bike must rescue and long-term work in events that stop spills and projection to Mazatlan.

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