translated from Spanish: In search of the unit meets the National Congress of the PJ

the National Congress PJ meets this Thursday at club Ferro to formally launch the call to a «Patriotic Front» which has as it slogan «unity» of peronism and other fu You erzas of the popular field to stand in the polls to Cambiemos.El event, convened by the President of the Congress Party and Governor of Formosa, Gildo Insfrán, will begin at noon, when the congressmen are accredited in the microestadio of the club of the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Caballito.Se expected a call to the concatenation of the various pieces of the Peronist puzzle and put the first bricks of the unit claim that is holding the sector closest to kirchnerism, location of the President of the party, José Luis Gioja.Lo occurred in the province of Santa Fe operates as a case witness, given that there was possible encolumnar behind the nomination to Governor Omar Perotti both front renovator of Sergio Massa as to drive citizen of Cristina Kirchner.Pero Santa Fe is not the only province where factions of peronism were unable to agree on a common Assembly: La Pampa, Entre Rios and Rio Negro are other territories exhibiting the PJ to convince friends and strangers that unity is possible. The idea of the Party Congress is to achieve a wide picture which serve to put pressure on the leaders of the alternative Federal space who reject any kind of understanding with Kirchner, as it is the case of the Governors Juan Manuel Urtubey (Salta) and John Schiaretti (Córdoba).
Precisely those leaders will miss the meeting of the Congress of the PJ and in these two provinces the dome of the PJ da lost unity, to such an extent that the unit citizen kirchnerismo will present formulas outside justicialist seal to fight by the Gobernacion.en change, other Governors who still have one foot in alternative Federal, Juan Manzur (Tucuman), Sergio houses (La Rioja), Sergio Uñac (San Juan), Rosana Bertone (Tierra del Fuego), Domingo Peppo (Chaco) and Gustavo Bordet (Entre Ríos) shown more flexible regarding an armed with Kirchner. The number of Congressmen attending the Summit, a total of 927 squad will give a guideline about the possibilities of that unit that becomes a reality. At the last Congress of the PJ, in May of last year, the highest party organ counted with the participation of more than 600 Congressional, but on this occasion the expectation is greater. It is discounted that at the end of the deliberations, the Congress resolved to formally authorize the party to pursue alliances with other opposition forces, as the case of the seal unit Ciudadana.En is this note:

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