translated from Spanish: In the SSM no dismissal

Morelia, Michoacan.-Despite the fact that in other States, the disappearance of the program thrives has caused the dismissal of workers, the entity has not happened.
According to the head of the Secretariat of health of Michoacán (SSM), Diana Carpio Ríos, instructed the relocation of 305 workers assigned to the extinct program thrives, which was made in coordination with the trade unions of the 21st section 78 and the SUTOPDSSM.
Achievement, specified, was possible derivative of the financial discipline that maintains the Department of health in Michoacán, which allowed the challenge to operate with less supply of federal funds designated for Michoacan after the area administrative, in conjunction with the jurisdictional heads, undertake a comprehensive diagnosis, they were mechanisms to solve the budgetary sufficiency for wages, as well as the reallocation of operational functions for the health of the population, by which guarantees workers stay work within the institution.
So, as of today Thursday, began the relocation of personnel in 8 health jurisdictions; the reallocation will be according to the geographic area where evolving work, so that the impact is minimal.
Therefore the agreement not to hurt the economy of the workers is met, they recognized the Trade Union leadership.


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