translated from Spanish: Increased chicken pox at the beginning of the season of heat

areas of the country where the climate is temperate, the incidence of varicella picks up at the beginning of the hot season, manifests itself with the emergence of rochas in skin, lack of apeti to, headache and temperature. The characteristics of the chickenpox rash usually begin on the face, then the entire body and concludes on the feet. The Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social (IMSS), calls people to be attentive to the occurrence of these symptoms since it may be of this disease. Guillermina Álvarez Santana, specialist physician at the IMSS in Coahuila, explains that chickenpox is a highly contagious illness that mainly affects children under ten years of age, although it also tends to occur in adults, babies, teenagers and pregnant women, whose situations can be dangerous.
It is an infectious disease, is it spread easily from one person to another, through the spread of droplets of saliva (when coughing or sneezing), either by inhalation of the virus from an infected patient or also to have contact with the vesicles (ronchitas) of the patient. Incubation takes place so asymptomatic (without symptoms), within a period of one to two weeks, then sudden fever, fatigue and spots (macules) on the skin which then become hives, increase their size and give way to the vesicles (blisters) up to end with scabs. To tell the doctor, the transmission period is two days before show stains and remains up to five days;  in the phase of scabs is not contagious.
places where usually is acquired are home, nurseries, schools, clubs and generally crowded or enclosed places.
In all cases, it is essential to seek medical attention and avoid self-medication with ointments or home remedies, since far from help may complicate the situation.

Varicella prevention measures are simple just strengthen the handwashing, surface cleaning and if possible the use of covered mouths.
the specialist calls to stewardship, if you have knowledge of carrying the virus avoid going to crowded places and possible avoid leaving home.

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