translated from Spanish: Known today does not circulate for this Thursday March 7

Valley of Mexico.-today, Thursday, March 7, the program now does not circulate applies to vehicles with green gumming, completion of plate 1 and 2, with hologram verification 1 and 2 may not move in the metropolitan area of the Valley of Mexico.  Cars for people with disabilities, school transportation, hybrid, electrical, and civil protection, public security, hazardous waste, units that work with natural gas and urban services are exempt from this limitation.
Yellow rubber: Monday, completion of plate 5 and 6, holograms, 1 and 2. Pink rubber: Tuesday, completion of 7 and 8 plate, holograms, 1 and 2. Red rubber: Wednesday, completion of plate 3 and 4, holograms, 1 and 2. Green gumming: Thursday, completion of plate 1 and 2, hologram, 1 and 2. Blue rubber coating: Friday, completion of plate 9 and 0, permissions and holograms, hologram 1 1 and 2: vehicles equipped with this hologram should rest at least 2 Saturdays a month. The first and third Saturday vehicles with «odd» completion of plates will not move. The second and fourth Saturday cars with plates «pair» must rest. Hologram 2: vehicles equipped with hologram 2 shall may not circulate any Saturday cars with 0 and 00 hologram may circulate daily always and when they approved new rules for vehicle verification the Hoy No Circula program has a schedule of 5:00 to 22:00 hours check vehicle vehicles must perform and approve the verification of vehicle emissions every six months. 

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