translated from Spanish: Of after of the toritos de petate, there is a social integration promoted by Tata Vasco

Patzcuaro, Michoacan.-the toritos de petate were introduced in the 16th century by Vasco de Quiroga, aiming to draw attention and attract Indians to with reaches it gives the Spaniards had taken refuge in the mountains. «This gives account legacy humanist of tata Vasco who, in search of utopia, pretended to the social integration of the most vulnerable,» said the Mayor of Patzcuaro, Víctor Báez Ceja, in a statement. 
In this way, with the celebration of the toritos de petate contest, the municipal government headed by President Víctor Báez Ceja ratifies its commitment to the rescue and preservation of traditions which how is, serve to maintain the social cohesion of the families through the healthy enjoyment. 
«We will have more happy families and peace in society, if we are looking for young people, adults and the elderly to feel integrated in this type of traditions» said the Mayor, before thousands of people gathered in plaza Vasco de Quiroga and Gertrudis Bocanegra in where arose the toritos de petate, accompanied by wind band music, to perform the usual tour displaying the eccentricity of the costumes and dancing, to finally be recognized by the Directorate of culture of the municipality. 

Exhibition and competition held this year under the slogan of «Zero violence» was held in the main streets of the historic center, first with a representation of students from preschool and later display and backpack that bulls contest they represented the colonies more ancient – and therefore with more tradition – municipality.
The municipal government headed by President Víctor Báez Ceja, aware of the historical importance that the figure of the toritos de petate magazine promotes conservation and promotes this tradition without deformations, obtaining thus a copious participation and white balance in the last three editions.
During this year’s Edition was attended by toritos l boarding Melchor Ocampo, as well as the preschool Jesús Romero Flores and David Alfaro Siqueiros. (e) the colonies revolution, Ibarra, Christ, Loma, Juarez, as well as students of the Colegio josefino corner, the band of the boarding school, Melchor Ocampo, as well as the preschool Jesús Romero Flores and David Alfaro Siqueiros. 

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