translated from Spanish: The first map of PUBG will be remastered Erangel

the first map of the popular battle royale Player Unknown’s Battleground (PUBG) will be remastered, it confirmed the Developer Studio PUBG Corp. in a statement published today in the official site. The changes were initially discovered in the archives of the test of game servers by a group of users of Reddit Forum, who immediately went up images that showed the differences between the current version and the now confirmed remastering. The biggest change has to do with an increase in the number of buildings containing items and weapons more powerful game (known as Tier 3). PUBG Corp. He said that change aims to provide «new forms of balance» and «improve maps, starting at Erangel» – which suggests that they are planning to alter the rest of the game – maps. However, although the company confirmed the changes said that only filtered images represent a part of the plan and the scale at which they are working.

Erangel in its current state (left) and with (r) changes | Image: Reddit «we understand that the balance of the items is an important part of the game, but we also recognize that the distribution of the map is just as important, so we are working hard to ensure that any changes we make will feel good when» It is complete,»they explained. In the forums some users did not show very much with changes in power. Not because they are not necessary. but because the inclusion of more spaces in which may appear best items does not mean that those items will appear. «Now instead of touring twenty houses to find only a machine gun can take thirty houses to find only a machine gun,» said a member of Reddit.La company, according to those claims, he explained that «add buildings is just one of the things We are testing internally, but definitely is not the only one.» Erangel changes will be implemented over the next few weeks, so players can try them and offer a refund on the matter. In this note:

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