translated from Spanish: Tonka Tomicic and «smart meters»: «Feel that we are again sticking the finger in his mouth»

cheerleader the morning of Channel 13, welcome, referred in the space, to charging for «smart meters» of the electrical service Co, cost that will be borne by consumers.
According to Glamorama, this took place, in the middle of a conversation with Rodrigo Castillo, President of the Association of electric companies, who in space explained that «the price which is transferred to the meter rate is a price fixed by the State, not what» It really is what the company produces».
«It is not a charge explicit by the meter.» The meter becomes part of the infrastructure. It is the same as saying that, if I change my house, post me I have to take. Lol This post is part of the infrastructure of the company to provide the service. He has helped me and I have come to realize the sensitivity of you that, what makes the difference, is that you have that inside his house and feels that it has a property relationship with that»said Castillo on the charging of the meters.
In that, the hostess said that «what happens is that we are charging for something, which we have always claimed, but now we rebel, we wake up and say ‘ why must we pay?»
«That’s the past. Maybe we didn’t and now we are waking up as a society and dare to speak out. Before that we have to accept, but the Chilean has changed. And now we rebel when we feel that things don’t have to be. And we say ‘why not pays it the company?’. It’s the big question,»he added.
Tomicic also argued that «the frustration does not pass because we have an emotional relationship with the meter. Frustration happens because we feel that we are again sticking the finger in his mouth and we are raising by that».

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