translated from Spanish: Tucumán: Denounce officials for denying the ILE girl of 11 years

after the serious violation of rights what suffered the small from 11 years in Tucumán – which became pregnant after being raped by couple of her grandmother and who was an ab Orto by law – human rights and feminist organizations decided to denounce to provincial officials.

There are two criminal presentations: one based in Tucumán and the other, in Capital Federal. The first is backed by women’s Foundation for women (MxM), the Permanent Assembly for human rights (APDH, regional Tucumán) and Catholic by pro-choice and points against: the Minister of health of Tucumán, Rossana Chahla Secretary of the system Provincial of health (SIPROSA), Gustavo Vigliocco Eva Perón hospital Director where he was interned the girl, Elizabeth Avila the Chief of Gynecology, Tatiana Obeid all them were charged with “breach of the duties of a public servant “. As he unveiled the site La note, the text reads: “denounce that he dilated illegally is creating access to health medico-burocraticas barriers shaping institutional violence. We denounce clinical care in this case it was rife with violations of the rights of a child as a ‘patient’ that translates into non-compliance with the duties that any public official who provides health services has”. On the other hand, members of Patria Grande Elizabeth Gomez Alcorta, Gabriela Carpinetti, Cecilia Merchán, Ofelia Fernández, and Victoria Freire came to the federal courts in Buenos Aires to denounce Chahla, Vigliocco, Ávila and, in addition, Governor Tucumán Juan Manzur, the Attorney Adriana Giannoni and Washington Navarro Dávila, Minister public defense of Tucumán, for the crime of abuse of authority.

“Public officials have made various standards through the dictate of resolutions or through certain actions or omissions, by what we understand that it is conducting a survey to corroborate presented ends and any” responsibilities”, reads a section of the brief.” It is clear here that different officials have carried out a series of actions and omissions contrary to these legal provisions. The prosecution of the case and the delay in the completion of practice by the Provincial health system, headed by Vigliocco backed by the Ministry of health in charge of Rossana Chahla and even the Governor of the Provincia Juan Manzur result clearly contrary to them and even to the provisions of international human rights treaties”, continues the presentation.

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