translated from Spanish: 8m: feminists are mobilized around the country and the Government insists the thesis of the «instrumentalisation» of the movement

The day it arrived. On March 8, international women’s day, the women of Chile will take to the streets, in a mobilization convened by the Coordinator 8M which calls for equal rights, and that could prove to be historic, accompanied by the call to a new feminist strike. 
The appointment in Santiago is at 18:30 from Baquedano station. From early hours of the morning, however, the atmosphere has been hectic, with events in sectors such as road to Melipilla, Florida and Vespucio Sur, where at 7:00 AM there were barricades, while the University of Santiago (Usach) dawned on take feminist.  During this day, moreover, different political authorities have expressed their point of view on this day, among them, President Sebastián Piñera, who, in a tribute to 23 women «who inspire», also stressed to the former President Michelle Bachelet as woman pioneer in the history of Chile. 
However, the head of State did not lose the opportunity to make objections to the feminist strike, noting that «nobody has the right to seek to exploit that cause noble and fair for other purposes». It also requested a moment of silence for the women victims of femicide this year.
The spouse of the President, Cecilia Morel, who also made a nod to Bachelet and made a list of the progress made in gender also participated in the Act. 
The spouse of the President took a leading role in the Conference, and spoke after intervention of the Minister of women, Isabel Plá, a speech which reiterated the slogan that women should not be «pautear».
«Respect the right of the other» other authorities gave their point of view on this day, was Minister spokesperson for the Government, Cecilia Pérez, who said the only thing expected is that feminist demonstration develops «respecting the right of the other». 
«(Are) welcome the mobilizations in our country and in the world that have been historical and have allowed visible gaps of discrimination between men and women and committed Governments like ours, of President Sebastián Piñera, that not only says «the ‘women’s voices is here to stay’, but it operates in favour of women», said the Minister.
Perez also said that «the only thing we ask is that the rally, which is a constitutional right, is always respecting the right of the other and that we can celebrate the advances that we have tended to knowing that you much to move forward».
Incidents in Valparaiso is expects feminist demonstrations are taken at least 30 cities across the country, including Valparaiso, where effective police special forces (FFEE) clashed with the demonstrators. The most serious incidents occurred in the vicinity of Park Italy in the port city is convened this afternoon a second March, 18:00 hours from Victoria Square.

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