translated from Spanish: AMLO says being respectful of freedom of expression

Mexico.-the President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) said that his Government does not pursue anyone and respects freedom of expression and the right to dissent. However, he pointed out that he differs with the newspaper Reforma, he said conservative.» We do not pursue anyone, we are not as protected by reform Governments, we respect the freedom and respect the right to dissent. Is a lack of respect, is offensive you are pointing out that we are carrying out an act of intimidation or persecution to a medium such as the reform, it is not true, it is a falsehood, entirely, completely, we do it with anyone, quiensabe what motivations had «» to make this scene, but it made me silly, I consider it a political attitude «, he said.» My differences with the reform is mainly by its conservative stance, is a newspaper that arises in the Salinas Government, which has sought not to touch to Salinas, who questioned not the sacking of the neoliberal period, which simulated that you fighting corruption, pointing, «accusing officials below, scapegoats, which helped in the electoral fraud, those are the differences, but from there to that pursued him for to not pay taxes, that we use the sat for that, hopefully this clears everything».

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. Photo: this then that reform published today that in what can be interpreted as an attempt to press the journalistic work of this publishing house, the service of tax administration (SAT) quoted the authorities Alejandro Junco de la Vega, President Grupo REFORMA, and his spouse, Rosa Laura Elizondo, as shareholders, by a supposed difference of 12 pesos in the fiscal year of the company four years ago. At morning Conference, the President said that a normal condition is the call of the SAT to make clarifications.» Even the Director of the SAT is a contributor to the reform and is honest, integrates and unable to do something like that, then would have to test whether there was a political decision, if a detail came to clarify something tax because a world that gets, would that can not be touched to? l untouchable? «.» Then these things, they happen all in one way or another for some reason have to deal with these inconsistencies, but from there to point out that it is a persecution, is passed, we don’t do that, I have no problem of conscience.» AMLO said that it will continue expressing their differences but with respect to ideas «we have differences with the reform, but we are not going to persecute anyone and differences have made them public and yes I have spoken to the press Fifi and I’m going to continue to do because it is a conservative press, there’s nothing wrong that there is, have their rights, but with appearance of free press, silly made me, we are not going to follow anyone for their ideas, their way of thinking, we are respectful of the ideas» said.

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