translated from Spanish: Arrested woman who recorded the rape of her daughter in Tecámac

authorities of the State of Mexico arrested a woman for allegedly recording the rape of her seven year old daughter in Tecamac, State of Mexico.the couple of the detainee, who had a criminal record, fu and designated as an accomplice, but committed suicide before being captured. Maura a’n ‘, for 32 years, was arrested by elements of the General Prosecutor’s Office of Justice of Edomex (FGJEM) while he was in a House with his partner, David a’n ‘, 66-year-old. But alleged accomplice hung from a beam when he heard the police officers burst into the House.

The girl’s stepfather committed suicide when he was going to be arrested for sexually abusing a minor in a State of Mexico. Illustrative photo: Pixabay.

Both subjects recorded the rape of a minor and they were wanted by the Prosecutor’s Office of the Mexico State after the girl denuciara to his mother and his stepfather with a family member. After hearing, the person went to file a complaint with the authorities for sexual abuse. After investigating the facts, the FGJEM ordered two orders of arrestro of David and Maura for sexual abuse and record a video, at the end of February, in a house located in the colonia Guadalupe, in Chalco.La Valley woman was admitted to the penitentiary and rehabilitation Social Huetzilzingo in Chalco, where the judge will determine whether he is guilty of rape of a minor. The girl’s stepfather had a criminal record for raping his own daughter and was imprisoned for ten years in a prison in l city of Mexico.the couple huypo from the municipality of Valle de Chalco Hidalgo State and then Tecamac, place where they were arrested.

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