translated from Spanish: Audio: Thus were calling 911 the night of the death of Natacha Jaitt

A week and a half that the mysterious death of Natacha Jaitt, channel C5N to emerge reproduced audios of calls to 911 that Gonzalo Rigoni (owner of the Xanadu lounge) and Raúl Velaztiqui Duarte (friend of the driver) did that night.

Then, the transcription of the first call, made by Rigoni:-Hello, I need an urgent ambulance.
– to which Mr locality?
– villa La Nata, Benavidez, Tigre
– please tell me the street.
– isla Verde, between the lighthouse and La Beatriz
– what Mr?
– I don’t know, there is a girl who fainted.
– inside the House or in the street?
– inside the House and it seems that not breathing.
– what age can have the girl Sir?
– 35 years.
– right, Mr. Your name what?
– Gonzalo.
– short and convey immediately, Gonzalo. Good night.

Next to communicate with emergency was Velaztiqui Duarte:-Hello Yes, please. Could I send an ambulance?
– to what town?
– I’m in Tiger
– in which Street?
– I’m in the Xanadu lounge. Look, I came to look for a friend who called me that was broken and not breathing.
– how old is? Starting from the question of the operator, the call is cut. It is striking the lie Velaztiqui Duarte, claimed it was not looking for Natacha, had gone with her, and never received any call or she informed him that he was wrong. The third call Rigoni made it again, which mentions the presence of drugs.-Hello, I asked for an urgent ambulance made awhile
– What town? I make the claim.
– Benavidez, Villa La cream
– what Street?
– isla Verde
– what number?
– 644
– between?
– between Isla Verde and El Faro
– what happened?
– I don’t know, a friend passed out and it seems to me that not breathing
– how old is?
– 35
– do you have any disease?
-, I don’t think, I don’t think he was with drug something like
– do you think it took any drugs?
– yes
– do you know what type of drug or something?
– no, no idea
– your name?

Gonzalo – do last name?

Rigoni – the street is called Green Island?
– Yes.
– give. Short and convey. Standby support.
– give, please, urgent.

Original source in Spanish

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