translated from Spanish: Bachelet sent message by the 8M: “Get on the right side of history”

through a message on Twitter, former President and current High Commissioner UN for the DD. HH., Michelle Bachelet, sent a message on the occasion of the commemoration of the day of the woman Trabajadora.La former President said that “women and girls equal opportunities face criticism. Are alleged to undermine the tradition, the family, culture and religion’.” Exposed to be ridiculed, threatened and sometimes brutally attacked. History teaches us that fear to challenge the culture and tradition should not prevent the achievement of a more just and prosperous societies”said her message, the High Commissioner of DD Bachelet.En. HH. He said that “I honor the generations of women and defenders of the DD girls. HH., who have transformed our societies”and added”I pay tribute to those who today are in front, fighting for the dignity and equality, against the cruelty and abuse”.” I call on everyone to support the defenders of the DD. HH. and to respect their goals, their courage and their dedication. I hope to share their stories and participate in discussions on how to achieve greater equality with open hearts and minds. Get on the right side of history, support to women defenders of the DD. HH.”said.

Original source in Spanish

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