translated from Spanish: Chilean soccer freestyle champion will be part of the cast of Cirque du Soleil

Much of the life of Catalina Vega has been to make the discipline of urban freestyle, a sport that is practiced with balloon tricks using the body. Much seen on the streets and is both the fanaticism of young (23 years old) who walks with his balloon at all times. Three years ago that is dedicated to this activity and makes one is professional.
The freestyler and Ambassador for adidas football attained his international consecration, then last year was crowned champion of Freestyle football in Latin America.
This year, as proof of his talent, was invited to Cirque du Soleil to take part in the tour Messi10, a true milestone for being the first Chilean woman in this discipline to form part of an international show.

As one of the main sponsors of soccer players in the world, adidas took this instance to join the Argentine star Lionel Messi with Catalina.
The route of the young athlete will begin May 13 when traveling to Montreal to join the circus, where will prepare your routine along with seven-time world Freestyle Champion football, Gautier Fayolle. Subsequent to that, along with a select group they will travel to Spain for the final preparation and October 10 in Barcelona will be the official presentation of the «Messi10» tour, with the presence of Messi.
«It is an achievement, because it is one of my dreams to be with Cirque du Soleil and I have high expectations to achieve many things», said Catherine, who for the moment should be kept away from international competitions to be focused on the tour.

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