translated from Spanish: Die 25 Central American migrants in tip-over

a truck carrying Central American migrants fell into a ravine, leaving 25 people dead on the road that leads to the municipality of Chicoasén, Chiapas.
The Prosecutor of the State counts in addition, up to the moment, injured 29.
The incident occurred at 18:00 hours on Thursday over the Ixtapa-Soyalo route when the three-tonne truck went over the cliff.
Foreigners were displaced in a truck Ford, Super Duty type, white colour, without circulation panels, when he left the asphalt without control.
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The survivors received comprehensive care and were handed over to the national migration Institute.
Each year, hundreds of Central Americans leave their countries – mainly Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala-fleeing violence and poverty in order to get to the United States in search of a life better.
Many of them travel in caravans as a safety measure before the long and dangerous road, while others contract the services of traffickers who often transport them in trucks which travel overcrowded and in poor condition of sanitation.
In October of last year, a caravan that arrived to add about 7 thousand migrants travelled from Honduras to Tijuana, Mexicali neighbor.
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