translated from Spanish: Ezzati said he did not know the cure Rivera complainant and denied having ordered to giving money

in an interview with TVN, the Cardinal of the Catholic Church and Archbishop of Santiago, Ricardo Ezzati, said that he did not know the complainant of the sace rdote Tito Rivera and ruled out that he has ordered to give him money, once he complained of a violation by the religious. “I have no awareness of having confessed, because I do not know, and less of still out, giving him a hug and he said that a priest would deliver him money to my name.” No, unfortunately not so”said Cardinal Ezzati.El is accused of cover-up in cases of sexual offences within the Catholic Church, and the complaint against Rivera, is one of the episodes that explores the Prosecutor’s Office, which came to light for the researchers, after a raid carried out to the Archbishopric of Santiago. About the knowledge that took the case, Ezzati said that the complaint was received by the Pastoral Office of complaints and that “immediately became the Archbishopric. A few days later and immediately, Archbishop ordered a preliminary investigation”. “I got a call on the part of superiors who informed me that the Holy See had asked the Nunciature to review the situation of the father as a result of a complaint that reached him. I do not know what complaint and… therefore I immediately sent all the documentation which was”added the Archbishop of Santiago.Ezzati also he tackled the idea raised since the Congress removed the nationality by grace, and indicated that”it hurts, it hurts immensely”(…) I personally think that it is unfair, but I’m going to continue working as a Bishop until the Holy Father asks him to me.”

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