translated from Spanish: Helen Hunt and Paul Reiser returned to «Mad About You»

in the Decade of the ‘ 90s, NBC was the most viewed channel in the United States, thanks to a schedule that still today fight streaming services. The jewel in the Crown of that NBC was the bloc «Must See TV» («TV that you have to see») Thursday, which consisted of a drama («E.R.: emergencies») and various comedies: «Friends», «Seinfeld», «Frasier» and «Mad About You» – which could be seen for years in the channel Sony t ODA Latinoamerica.los protagonists of «Mad About You» were New Yorkers Paul and Jamie Buchman (Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt), a documentary filmmaker and a public relations specialist. At the beginning of the series, they are newly married, and live the typical conflict, since relations with their families, the difficulty of balancing professional and personal life to the birth of his first daughter Mabel.Es a simple question, but the series had a very particular tone, mixing the sarcastic humor type stand-up of series such as «Seinfeld» with warmer observations on the life of couple, inspired by movies like «When Harry met to Sally». This combination became an international hit for seven seasons. Although Reiser was the original creator of the series, the revelation was Hunt, who was 4 Emmys for his role as Jaime, and was selected by director James L. Brooks to star in ‘Better impossible’ film together with Jack Nicholson – role that earned him to Hunt an Osca r best actress and somehow precipitated the end of the series. While it was almost a decade on the air, «Mad About You» has no fame or recognition of «Friends» or «Seinfeld». It is not in streaming services and has been reprinted in formats digital by his Studio Sony Pictures, and the careers of Hunt and Reiser stagnated after the end of the comedy. 

Helen Hunt celebrates his Oscar next to Jack Nicholson, also winner of best actor for ‘Better impossible’ However, the series still has the affection of the international public. The next decade was a Chinese version and a Chilean, while that in 2016 it premiered on Telefe (which had given the original version) «Crazy for you», an Argentine remake with Juan Minujín and Julieta Zylberberg in the roles of Reiser and Hunt. His first season of 66 episodes was a modest rating success, but while the second is recorded, the channel has decided to not release it. That same year Paul Reiser associated it with screenwriter Danny Jacobson to resurrect «Mad About You», and tell the story of Paul and Jamie about 60. But even in the midst of the return of other hits from the ‘ 90s such as «Will & Grace», «Roseanne» and «Murphy Brown», the series did not sell. NBC said that no, as well as large cable channels and streaming services.

In «Crazy for you», the Argentine version, Juan Minujín was Pablo and Julieta Zylberberg Nati project was cancelled until the week last Reiser announced that «Mad About You» returns in a single season of 12 episodes through the new series on service – of Mand Spectrum Originals, which starts its transmissions in May with the police series «L.A. s Finest» with Jessica Alba and Gabrielle Union. The producer of this new season of comedy will be the experienced Peter Tolan («Rescue Me»), something that reassures Hunt and Reiser, who sent a joint letter to the press: «we are excited to return finally to these characters and that Peter is our bold captain. We promise the same comedy funny and touching as always – as soon as we agree we have funny be older.»

Hunt and Reiser together in a tribute to the 90 years of NBC, in 2016 the new season will be one «of 12 chapters, with a beginning and an end, and has» limited series how Paul and Jamie Buchman are adapted to empty nest syndrome when his daughter Mabel goes home to start the University. The memorious wonder what then happened to the original end of the series, a criticized episode showing the next 22 years in the life of Paul and Jamie, narrated by Janeane Garofalo as Mabel. In that inexplicable final the couple is separated for more than one decade by a fight without sense, to finally meet in the premiere of the first film of Mabel, that it has become a filmmaker like his father. As the new season takes place 5 years before, it is likely that end be ignored like a bad dream – the same thing that made «Will & Grace» and especially «Roseanne», who raised the character of John Goodman who died in the final season.

«L.A. s Finest» is the first program of Spectrum Originals, a service that seeks its place in the world of streaming service Spectrum Originals is not available in Argentina, but this season will be a production of Sony Pictures, which operates in Latin America signs Sony and AXN, in addition to selling its content to different channels of streaming – there is no doubt that reach our screens through any of these media. In this note:

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