translated from Spanish: By March 8M Moreira: “Does not represent the majority of Chileans”

this Friday was one of the most mass marches of last time, when the feminist Coordinator 8M called some 300 thousand people according to their estimation It is, and 190 thousand according to the police report. The mobilization was part of a new commemoration of the international women’s day, where the demonstrators demanded an “end to political, sexual and economic violence against women”, as well as greater equality of rights among other requests. However, the Senator Iván Moreira (UDI), downplayed you this March, pointing out that only participated people of opposition, feminists and left, but that ‘they’ are still in charge of the Government. The parliamentarian for the region of Los Lagos said via Twitter that “marching 100 thousand of opposition by the 8M in capital; but it does not represent the majority of Chileans.” In the same vein, he added that “we win the Pinera Government loosely with 55.7% and that has not changed. Who March is only the left and feminists”. Remember that the mobilization was described by the Metropolitan Mayor, Karla Rubilar, as “tremendous, peaceful and wonderful”, adding that “he summoned more 190 thousand assistants.” Probably one of the most massive, if it is that not the most massive of last time. Today women have given the example, have marked history. “This March 8 will be remembered, will be a before and an after ‘, sentenced…

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