translated from Spanish: Capsule SpaceX successfully lands on the Atlantic

CAPE CANAVERAL, Florida, USA (AP) — the new space capsule of SpaceX made a landing of old school Friday in the Atlantic, putting an end to a mission of six days at the station In tests International. The Dragon capsule left the orbital laboratory in the early hours of Friday. Six hours later, the capsule descended by parachute over the ocean, a few hundreds of kilometers from the East coast of Florida.Empleados of SpaceX applauded at the headquarters of the company near Los Angeles when the red and blue parachute opened. NASA televised live the descent, in images taken from an aircraft. The crowd erupted in jubilation when capsule amarizó in time and saw him float right.
“I am trembling a little and super excited”, said Benji Reed, managing director of Mission for SpaceX. “It was an incredible journey to get to this moment.”

It was the first time in 50 years a capsule designed for astronauts returning from space with a landing in the Atlantic. The Apollo IX _ who orbited the Earth in preparation for missions to the Moon _ fell near the Bahamas on March 13 from 1969.Los international space station astronauts have been limited to use Russian rockets since NASA withdrew the ferry makes och or years. NASA is counting on that SpaceX and Boeing will begin to launch astronauts this year. SpaceX _que has been carrying supplies to the station years _ plans to do so from mid-year. The landing on Friday was the final obstacle to the Dragon test flight. Although improvements are still needed, the company aims to carry NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley in the next test flight. A couple of boats of recovery was stationed in the Atlantic long before the landing and went up quickly, ready to raise the Dragon of the waters and return to Cape Canaveral.
Boeing plans to launch its Starliner without crew next month and with astronauts, possibly in August. The Starliner is designed to descend on Earth.

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