translated from Spanish: Chairman of the Council for transparency: “civilian control by the FF booked expenses should be included. AA”

the President of the Council for transparency (CPLT), Marcelo Drago, described as positive the parliamentary proposal that contemplates the reactivation of the Consejo de Seguridad Nacional (COSENA) to transform it into one of the ins CIAS for accountability of the use of expenses booked in the armed forces. However, Drago said that it should be a complementary mechanism, giving priority to outside civilian control. “From the Council for transparency we want to assess this legislative initiative, as an additional measure,” said the President of the entity, Marcelo Drago. In the same vein, he added that this “points to part of what we as a Board have raised reserved expenditure: the need for accountability for these expenses to an institutional instance”. Drago said that this may be part of one greater formula allowing to deal more adequately irregularities of this kind of resources. Accordingly, he indicated that internal instances can be “complementary to an increase of civilian control”. “The central point that we wish to underline is that reserved expenditure, as understood today, must end and should have mechanisms of weight control, with guards of reserve and secret that correspond, but specific control mechanisms that prevent” their improper use”, concluded.

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