translated from Spanish: Political leaders joined in the commemoration of the day of the woman

this March 8, turns to celebrate the international women’s day, where millions of women from around the world gather to continue with their struggle for equality with men s.. on this day, in Argentina, a March will live in the Federal Capital and the politicians were not unrelated to the special day. Through social networks, different sectors of the ruling party and the opposition leaders expressed with messages and images in commemoration to a day that you never have to the female gender as a protagonist.
With a fun image without filter, Lilita joined the East March 8 celebration find us working with many people with different looks in a project that excites us: the creation of a Ministry of women, diversity and Dissidences. Here I explain a little more why it is necessary: #8 m #8 M 2019 – Victoria Donda Pérez (@vikidonda) March 8, 2019 Victoria Donda opted for a political approach and the continuity of the inclusion of women in politics argentin a I want to highlight the importance of women and the essentials that are in our society. Each of them are the protagonists of the transformations we are carrying forward. #DíaDeLaMujer – Horacio Rodríguez Larreta (@horaciorlarreta) March 8, 2019 the head of Government of the city of Buenos was dispatched with a dedication to commitment for equality and the fight of the women.
Carlonia Stanley took its place in the Ministry of development and raised a video with Argentine women.
The Governor of Entre Rios also joined backed women in their province and commitment.

With Juliana Awada, @CaroStanley @gladys_gonzalez, inaugurate a new protection comprehensive Provincial Home and met the team that accompanies women suffering gender-based violence, caring for them and giving them tools to help them succeed with their children. – María Eugenia Vidal (@mariuvidal) March 8, 2019 Vidal took the reins from policy and presented the new protection comprehensive Provincial home with Carolina Stanley and Gladys González.
Alberto Rodríguez Saá also joined with messages on social networks to support the movement in St. Louis.

#8 m I want to pay tribute with this quote from Rosa of Luxemburgo all women on this important day.
this is the century of them and of their struggles. I wish you much strength. – Mario Raul Negri (@marioraulnegri) March 8, 2019 national UCR Deputy took a quote from Luxemburgo rose for the day and said: «This is the century of them and their struggles». In this article:

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