translated from Spanish: The 8M in social networks: more than 60 thousand mentions crowned the historic day

Friday 8th of ma rzo will go down in history as the day that gathered more than 800 thousand people nationwide, who attended the call of the Coordinator 8M and were marching in Santiago and regions to demand equality of rights between men and women, within the framework of the day of the Woman.
That day, only in Santiago, the mobilization of more than 300 thousand people, according to figures supplied by the organisers – took practically all of the Alameda. The call was also comment forced through social networks, where took part even those who were unable to attend but did not want to be absent from the mobilization. The impact on the world online of the 8M was measured by the puzzle Digital Agency, which monitored during a week the fervor of the mobilization, before, during and after.
During 7 days, from March 2 to 9 of this month, the number of mentions, postings and comments on social networks around the 8 M were 63.522.
The conversation about the call, started slow, with 1,599 mentions the first day of the measurement. With the passing of the days, the figure was increasing, reaching the peak precisely on 8 March, when there were 40.404 mentions. The figure fell the next day, reaching 3.721 mentions.
In terms of content, the comments at the start of the week were developed around calls to participate in activities to make the women’s day. Subsequently, on 8 March the trend was oriented to report with accompanying photographs on all actions that were going on, protests, talks as well as messages about gender equality and rejection of the femicides. And the day after, make a summary of the March.
Where most gathered people to comment on the historic day was in the hashtag, being the #8 the most used m, reaching 13.984 mentions. Followed by the #diadelamujer, with 13.844.
Within these terms, the most commonly used words in the last 8 days were woman, having 28.186 mentions and a Minister, who has 1,788 mentions, who, according to the measurement, referred to criticism from Minister of women and gender identity , Isabel Plá strike that day.
The age range, most of the mentions to the 8M came from people between 25 and 34 years, reaching 40%. The next range, far behind, is 35 to 44 years.

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