translated from Spanish: A new Congress of the PJ with multiple messages

in the microestadio of Ferro was a new Congress of the party Peronist, where flocked 643 delegates from almost all provinces, with the exception of Córdoba and Salta – announced previously entity-, two Governors, Gildo Insfran and Alberto Rodríguez Saá and six Deputy Governors, Tierra del Fuego, Santa Cruz, San Juan, Chaco and Santiago del Estero. 

There was ratified what is proposed from all aspects of peronism, excluding alternative Federal will present their candidacy on the outside unit. Did the President of the party, José Luis Gioja and, among others, two candidates: Felipe Solá and Agustín Rossi, among others. Party sources stressed that the message was going had three players: the first towards the members of the party, that there is no way out of the unit in the face of first August and October after.  

More than 600 Congressional reaffirm the policy of unity and Patriotic Front of peronism. #NosUnimos to retrieve a Argentina to sovereignty and social justice ✌ – Jorge Taiana (@JorgeTaiana) March 7, 2019 as they pointed out, the way is which took in provinces that got nominations from unit “and they come to victory: San Juan, Río Negro, La Pampa, Entre Ríos and Neuquén.” It is the first step to start building fronts”, said Filo.News party supplies on a meeting without electoral definitions. The following receiver is justice, making the party a year intervened and put Luis Barrionuevo to the front. The trade union leader called for unity of all sectors… except for kirchnerism. 

This meeting, they say, shows that the party is active and not any kind of intervention would make sense. In the message, they said, also entered the Government. Finally, rejected signed decrees on electoral matters by the Government that regulates the vote of citizens abroad (around 360,000), the remand prisoners and the agents of armed forces and security work during the choice. 
“It is proposed that residents vote by correspondence, the date and without control of our fiscal. It’s a risk that we can afford,”said Jorge Landau at the meeting today.

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