translated from Spanish: «Feminism is women pain product,» Ruby Gomez fields, decorated by the Local Congress

Morelia, Michoacan.-the Congress of Michoacan awarded the doctor in philosophy and feminist activist, Maria Ruby Gomez fields with the silver medal bathed in gold «La Mujer Michoacana», for his outstanding struggle to achieve gender equity and its contribution to the study of feminism.
Ruby Gomez has been multi award-winning for his work in the promotion of the gender equality in the areas social, economic, cultural, educational and political, has two master’s degrees – one of them obtained in Barcelona, Spain-, and doctorate in philosophy. Pioneer at the national level in the development of doctoral degree and postgraduate on feminist issues.
During his speech, the doctor, Mary Rubí said that feminism is a product of the personal pain of women, a movement that claimed to be part since the 1980s, driven by the collective pain and the need to construct spaces of equality.
«See those massive marches of young women who demand their rights, how it spread and proliferate their rage, their presence in official acts, insistence on all events on the women’s day is not a celebration, supportive accompaniment of» young men, are evidence of their struggle… all that shivers me»he referred to the struggle of feminism will only be effective when the cause of the violence and inequality is shared, therefore acknowledged the participation of men in the movement.
«Feminism with all his wealth, allowing us to raise us from the pain of the others and be able to recognize merits among us, has not been for me only a matter of women, for women, is more like a proposal built by those who do not feel aggrieved and» We decided to take action.»
«Why am feminist?», threw the question to the audience in the Banquet Hall of the Local Congress, «because when I wake up in the mornings and I remember missing so many things to consider as a world fair, I can’t help but get up urgently to treat of» sweep it. The fight continues, the world that we receive and that we inherit today has changed just enough so that the new generations aspire to spaces that allow them to exercise their capacity of struggle and transformation.»
Meanwhile the local Congresswoman and President of the Commission for equality in Congress, Lucila Martínez Manriquez, stressed the commitment of the legislature LXXIV to punish actions that threaten the integrity of women, therefore urged the society to respect and recognize women as an essential element in the social development of the country.

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