translated from Spanish: Truck driver dies when it hit against a LNG on the track «21st century» trailer

home driver safety truck dies when it hit against a trailer LNG on the track «21st century» Salvador Escalante, Michoacan.-a truck Do DGE Caravan hit the rear of a trailer LNG on the motorway «21st century», what happened as a result unit driver perished projected out of it, they said police contacts. Meanwhile, the truck was abandoned by its driver meters ahead.
The event was this Monday evening at km 73 + 900 of the Patzcuaro-Uruapan Highway section in the vicinity of the town of Zirahuén, belonging to the municipality of Salvador Escalante.
The vehicle of the now deceased is one of dark gray, with plates of PRY-2680 circulation of this federal entity. It transpired that the now deceased at the time is unknown quality.
The emergency was attended by staff of rescue and salvage, which confirmed the death of the motorist. The area was guarded by elements of the Federal Police of the Regional Security Division to prevent another accident.
The overall coordination of expert services personnel and ministerial officials of the Regional Prosecutor’s Office of Justice made the relevant proceedings. The tractor which collided the Caravan is one of the Global Gas Company, this was secured by the guardians of the order, was abandoned.
At the end the body was taken to the forensic medical service. Vehicles were towed by a crane and taken to a barn.

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