translated from Spanish: Elections and cigarettes: what the ballot of gas?

since April, to maintain the stable dollar price, gas rate would increase nearly 30%. Given the recessive context and the sharp decline in the purchasing power of the Government accepted the claim of the UCR to reverse the scheme of payments for gas cards.


In an attempt to mitigate the impact of the sharp increases in rates, the Ministry of Finance reported that there will be discounts of 20% on the ballots of gas in winter, which will be paid in the summer.
More than a discount, a financing. He is financed 20% payment of the ballots of the months of high consumption (May – September) resulting in a flattening of the rates, so every month the user pay similar amounts. The State will pay the interests of the funding, this would be the measurement according to an election year where the cellulose remaining points. 

«It was agreed to have a flattening of the gas bills for the months of greater consumption. Details shall be promptly communicated by the Ministry of finance», reported the referents of the Bureau de change.

However, consumer defense entities have their doubts, because they warn that similar increases in rates are «priceless». Deuco President Pedro Bussetti, is warning of «excessive»increases in rates.

«Between May and September the gas bill will have a discount of 20%. The difference will be charged later in the summer months, from December, when consumption is lower», said the Ministry of finance.

During the winter time the measure will help the people connected to the natural gas network, which will pay 20% of their consumption during the summer. It is worth mentioning that for now there is no policy for households that rely exclusively on electricity or households that use the carafes for lack of infrastructure in the gas network access. 


Even for households and SMEs benefit payment will come in the summer, but the rate will depend on the value of the dollar at that time. What involves a risk that depends on of how to develop the foreign exchange market. The benefit is that the cost of financing will be in charge of the State and not of the user, for business gain will be the same and zero risk.

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