translated from Spanish: In September they will try for a second time the Guinness of the ensemble of guitars in Paracho

Paracho, Michoacan.-Paracho to the Guinness record is an event that aims to promote the culture, traditions, gastronomy, people, and handicrafts of the village of Paracho, focusing on this event to the guitar parachense known for its quality, and that has given the people the title of capital of the guitar world.
The goal is to obtain the Record Guinness of the ensemble of guitars in the world, which so far has Poland with the amount of 6 thousand largest 346 guitars, retrieved in May 2009.
In June 2016 we performed our first official attempt bringing together 2 thousand 751 guitarists and more than 7 thousand spectators.
In recent days us was approved by Guinness World Records our request to make an official attempt to new account, which we plan to carry out the day Saturday 14 September of the year in course.

This event is aimed at all that lover of guitars regardless of the degree of ability, since the melodies can be interpreted easily by beginners.
The melodies to be interpreted: old son of Paracho, the sound of the black and Las Flores (Café Tacvba).
Expected future development with such projects, supporting the same lauderas families that based its economy on the construction of guitars.
-Encourage the parachenses to continue with the traditions that define us as a people. Attract tourism, generate jobs, today has launched registration for guitarists both solo and group, and a few hours of having already made public, registration had enrollment of over 110 people from 5 different municipalities , as well as of the State of Hidalgo and Guerrero.
Information and progress of the Organization will be published through the Facebook page of the event.

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