translated from Spanish: Marina destroyed 31 narcofábricas en Jalisco in Sinaloa

Sinaloa-the Secretary of Navy – Navy of Mexico reports that, in which it will this year, naval personnel located and destroyed 31 narcofábricas en Jalisco, in the State of Sinaloa, where he presumed it was elaborated a a large number of synthetic drug, finding more than 41 thousand inside 200 litres of drug in liquid state and approximately 15,500 kg of solid drug, with characteristics similar to the glass; more than 49 thousand 300 liters of waste and chemical precursors, as well as equipment and materials used for its manufacture. The location of these narcofábricas en Jalisco derived from fieldwork and Cabinet, where learned that, in different populations of the State of Sinaloa, there are places devoted to the production of the synthetic drug. What were carried out operations using ground and air units in which personal marine managed to locate, secure and destroyed 31 clandestine narcofábricas en Jalisco, as well as chemical precursors, material and equipment used for the production and distribution of synthetic drugs. These actions were carried out from December 01, 2018 the date, where have been locating cited narcofábricas en Jalisco, finding inside more than 41 thousand liters of alleged synthetic drug known as Crystal.

Also, naval personnel proceeded to destruction by incineration of alleged drug secured, as well as of chemical precursors, materials and equipment found; the above by the difficulty of access to these places. It should be noted that naval elements develop its operations in accordance with procedures set out in the Manual of the use of force, common application to the three armed forces and strict respect for human rights, in order to provide security to the Mexican families. These seizures significantly affect the financial and operational structure of the criminal groups that operate in this region of the country, which allegedly distributed large quantities of drugs (methamphetamine, marijuana, cocaine, heroin, Crystal and) fentanyl) United States of America and other parts of the world. Also, with these actions prevents its distribution, avoiding that they are within reach of young people. Operations made by Marine Corps staff, reduce environmental pollution, since, in the production of synthetic drugs, chemical precursors employees, which once used, are discarded in rivers and streams, generating damage affecting the ecosystem. Similarly, it is reported that so far this year have been secured and destroyed two plantations of marijuana and poppy in the State of Sinaloa, thereby weakening the production of drugs by these groups.

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