translated from Spanish: No candidate attains voting to be new Minister

of the candidates failed to secure the vote necessary to become the new Minister of the Supreme Court of Justice.
In a first round of voting, with 122 senators present, Yasmín Esquivel Mossa won 66 votes; Loretta Ortiz Ahlf 14 votes while that Maya Celia received zero votes.
24 Senators voted against the list sent by the President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and there were 18 null votes.
read: due to lack of consensus, Senate postpones voting for electing the new Minister of the Court
to declare a winner needed two-thirds of the votes of the senators present, in this case 80 votes. In the event of a second rejection the Executive would have to submit a new list of three.
The election occurred while the parliamentary groups of the PAN and the PRI announced that they would vote against the opinion on the eligibility of members of the triplet.
At the time of issue positions in party, Sen. Pan Damián Zepeda Vidales said that members of his caucus would reject the opinion for the election of the new Minister, “with the conviction to protect the institutions of the Republic”.
Zepeda said that “the members of the list presented by the federal executive have conflict of interest to be militants or partner of the head of the Executive”.
While the parliamentary group of the PRI reported “some vices that were observed during the process of discussion in the Committee on justice, such as documents signed by lawmakers absent from the meeting which appeared”.
In turn, the parliamentary group of Morena, argued that after analyzing the triplet, “concluded that the three women meet the constitutional requirements and the personal skills required for the position of Minister of the Supreme Court”, so they would accept the opinion.
read: candidates to the Court questioned whether adoption of the couples of the same sex is the best thing for children
citizen movement, green ecologist party, PRD, and Social gathering parliamentary groups also set its position in favor of the opinion.
After positions, with 83 votes in favor, 37 against and zero abstaining, was approved the opinion of shortlisting for the election of the new Minister.
Before the vote the three candidates appeared one last time before the Senate.
organizations criticize the triplet
on March 6, social organizations called on the Senate to reject the list of Ministers to consider that the applicants have shown disregard for the human rights framework, null judicial independence and even homophobia.
“Yasmín Esquivel, who, according to different sources, would have higher chances of being appointed, faces questioning by having engaged in conflicts of interest, participate in decisions in favour of real estate groups and demonstrate influyentismo in his” performance”, the groups said.
As for Celia Maya, raised that “demonstrated their lack of minimum criteria of expertise and respect for human rights”. And about Loretta Ortiz questioned their political closeness with Morena (17 December past resigned from the party).
The candidates Yasmín Esquivel and Celia Maya were also criticized once in his appearance before the Senate, they agreed to raise questions about the impact the LGBT adoption may have on children, while the Supreme Court has issued case law that sexual orientation is irrelevant in terms of the adoption, in addition to fix its position on the issue of abortion.
March 7, the choice of new Minister had been suspended due to lack of consensus in the Senate of the Republic, so it is reagendo for this Tuesday.
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