translated from Spanish: The payment of fees for assurance of domestic workers

Michoacan.-payment of dues to join the domestic workers will be proportional to the compulsory scheme of IMSS, i.e. to join them as workers before the IMSS will be proportional for each pattern, according to the days and the monthly wage report worker, according to a calculation, that incidentally, may consult the employer or pattern. Said it the owner of the subjefatura of Division of registration of insured, Tania Karenina Morán Márquez, in the Forum of orientation which was carried out for patterns and domestic workers, in the palacio Federal, headquarters of the general direction of the IMSS.
It is the pilot program which will come into operation from April 1 and until September, which structured the IMSS, obeying the decision of the second Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice, in relation to the inclusion of this universe of workers under full security s ocial, by virtue that it is estimated that about 2.4 million people work in this mode, in the country.
In order to be subject of affiliation, to tell of the divisional head of the IMSS, the domestic worker must have on hand or obtain your social security number in the subdelegation which apply to you, have the exact amount of monthly perception, especially if He works for more than one employer and obviously have interest in joining.
The mechanics, although it is not yet final under that is a project and test period, is that the worker enters “System to incorporate to the working people of the household” in which must comply with four simple steps; first being the record, for what must fill fields with Social Security, the unique key of registry of population CURP number and name with these data, data from the national registry of population (RENAPO) will appear to check that the personal data are correct; You must then register home, this in order to assign family medicine unit and record the journey to work, for validation in case of accident of journey; register the addresses of employers; report the monthly wage and the days that works with each pattern; and finally the confirmation of the above data screen. In this last step, pay stubs are generated for employers, so that they can verify that they are complying with this social commitment.
It is worth mentioning that the minimum established for the payment of contributions is equal to minimum wage (which may vary according to the economic zone of the country), and the maximum of 25 units of measure (UMAS). Payment which must be covered by pattern a month early, and in proportion to days attending to work. Where practical, Tania Karenina Morán, presented an example of a worker who reported a monthly income approximate 10 thousand pesos, which generated a payment of insurance by about thousand 500 pesos, which between four patterns, had to pay approximately 245 pesos to who use a day and close to 400 pesos who required his service three days a week. Expenditure which, compared to the coverage of medical care for work-related accident, is not onerous.
Because it is a pilot program in its first stage, the payment of these contributions to Social Security, are not mandatory, at least in this period of 6 months of testing, it is rather a commitment to social and moral, said the head of the division. However, after this period of grace, and once the gaps that can be found in this pilot phase are resolved, and once it passed to the Executive and to a modification to the Social insurance law, surely will be mandatory for the patterns or employers of this service, said.
The benefit that will give them the hiring of this regime, just like other workers in other sectors, includes in addition to medical care, by risk of work disability pay, social benefits of nursery and weeks for a quote future pension, and may register to spouse, children and parents as beneficiaries.
The regional delegate of the IMSS in Michoacan, Enrique Orozco Besenthal, present in orientation talk, said that to publicize this pilot program, information and orientation modules will be established at strategic points in the capital of Michoacán and the the Interior of the State. In addition, instructed the parliamentary heads of legal, membership and computer involved in this process to give legal certainty to the pattern, and clarity to workers of the home in this trial period.

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